Georgie Twigg: life after Rio

Georgie Twigg loves the club side of her sport; although an international hockey star, she has admitted that on leaving the GB programme at the end of Rio, she has found a new focus and enjoyment for club life.

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The work-life balance

Although the golden girl on the international stage, midfielder Georgie has found a real balance between her love of the sport and her life outside the game. She is soon to be a qualified solicitor, although she went on secondment at the Wembley Football Association for three months while she continued her legal training at Bird & Bird, so she isn’t quite ready to retire from the sport she loves.


Twigg has spoken openly about the difference between playing for a club – hers is Surbiton – and playing on the international scene, which she says was exhausting. For Twigg, playing at a more local level has enabled her to really enjoy her beloved game, whether it be the camaraderie in the changing rooms or her input into hockey drill videos, without the pressures, stresses and strains of playing at a higher level.

Surbiton success

Impressively, Surbiton has lost a mere 18 league games in the nine years since head coach Brett Garrard joined. Twigg has been effusive about his coaching since she joined the team following her sojourn at Clifton after she left Bristol University. For her, he combines all the professionalism of an elite player with the ability to encourage an enjoyable and relaxed sporting atmosphere. Drills may be important – you can read more here at – but so is the fun element of the sport. Twigg says that her longevity at the club – she has been with them for six years – is testimony to the atmosphere created by Garrard.

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Europe’s elite

Twigg has said that although she still loves tournaments and misses her team members when they are away, her heart is very much at club level. And although Surbiton is edging ever closer on the European stage, Twigg remains very much on the club side. Delighted as she is with her team’s performance, for Twigg, her international days are firmly behind her and her focus is on not just being the very best at her game but combining this with other aspects of her life.