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Ring of the Dove: Ibn Ḥazm: Literary activities: One delightful example is The Ring of the Dove (Ṭawq al-ḥamāmah), on the art of love. Probably best known for. A Bird after Love: Ibn’ Hazm’s. The Ring of the Dove (Tawq al- Hamāmah) and the Roots of Courtly Love. Nazan Yıldız. Hacettepe University. Ibn Hazm paints a gorgeous picture, for example, of how our souls all come from the same great whole, which is shattered into pieces. When we meet someone.

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Still yearning, and disquieted, Still sleepless tossing on his bed, Wits drunken and disorderly With the coarse wine of calumny; He shows to thee in one brief hour Marvels defeating reason’s power Now hostile, now the friend sincere, Now running off, now pressing near As if this passion, this reproof, To be complacent, or aloof, Were stars conjoining, or in flight, Fortune’s benevolence, or spite. This proves how closely Love cleaves to such people’s hearts, and once it lays hold of them never looses its grip.

Whoever ventures to rely On a blunt weapon, is a fool; The price he pays is pretty high For trusting such a useless tool. My eyes therefore respond to my feelings but rarely, and then my tears are exceedingly sparse.

But rnig is not at all the right line of approach; it is sufficient for a good Moslem to abstain from those things which Allah has forbidden, and which, if he ahzm to do, he will find charged to his account on the Day of Resurrection. In order that he may escape the charge of amusing without instructing, he binds his scattered narratives together with connecting links of theoretical discussion, in which he betrays his acquaintance with Greek philosophy-and we have yet to appreciate the full extent of Plato’s influence on the Arabs-and organizes the whole material into a systematic pattern.

For the sad but plain truth is that extremely few Arabic books translate well. I have tried to translate as faithfully as possible, given the difficulties posed by the task of rendering a Semitic into an Aryan idiom.

Sometimes, it is true, Love comes as a result of a definite cause outside the soul, but then it passes away when the cause itself disappears: It was the Persians who taught the Arabs to appreciate and to write elegant prose; they also initiated their rude conquerors into the pleasures of amusing o, and encouraged them to amorous adventures.


Though poetry was regarded as a suspect pursuit by the narrowly orthodox, even they could not deny its value as an instrument of religious propaganda; and since religion in Islam soon became entangled with inb, the age-old forms ubn panegyric and satire continued to flourish in the brave new age of faith in action. Thus he would argue: I am resolved to keep afar Wherever Love’s attractions are; The man of sense, as I detect, Is ever shrewd and circumspect.

I have put this point in verse. I have put this incident into verse, and will quote a line or two.

The following verses were written by me to commemorate this friendship. What is truly amazing, is that a man formerly accustomed to see things with the eye of truth should suddenly be overcome by a casual passion, after he has been out about in society a long time, and that this accident of caprice should so completely transform him from his previous habits as to become a second nature with him, entirely displacing his first.

Love is neither disapproved by Religion, nor prohibited by the Law; for every heart is in God’s hands. Were Ptolemy alive to-day, And did he know of me, ” Thou art the maestro “, he would say, ” Of all astronomy! It is not so remarkable that a man who has once fallen in love with an ill-favored wench should not carry that foible with him for the rest of his amatory career; it is one of those things that are always liable to happen.

Ring of the Dove

Moreover I a proof will cite That cannot tell a lie; The like such problems solve aright As reason else defy: Congeneity has a perceptible effect and a visible influence; repulsion of opposites, accord between similar, attractions of like for like these are facts taking place all round us.

Fair fortitude imprisoned lies, And tears flow freely from the eyes. It will suffice me to name only those the naming of whom does no harm, and whose mention brings no opprobrium either upon ourselves or them; either because the affair is so notorious that concealment and the avoidance of clear specification will do the party concerned no good, or for the simple reason that the person being reported on is quite content that his story should be made public, and by no means disapproves of its being bandied about.


Men vary in their methods according to the degree of their perspicacity, or the amount of aversion or sympathy, wit or dullness, which they remark in their loved ones. Others are dry-eyed and barren of tears; to this category I myself belong.

The difference here is the speed or tardiness with which the affair passes off. The Arabs were fiercely proud of the complexities of “their syntax and the opulence of their vocabulary where learning conflicted with taste, learning generally won the day. The soul must first be made aware of its points of resemblance and concord with its fellow-soul; it must confront its own hidden temperaments with the corresponding temperaments of the beloved. It will happen in Love that the lovers have evil thoughts of one another; each suspects every word the partner utters, and misconstrues it willfully; which is the origin of those reproaches which lovers often level each against each.

The youth in question was in the concourse too, for he was in the entourage of the master of ceremonies. A mere conjecture of the mind By cogitation wrought?

When we meet someone, and the pieces of his or her soul match up with ours, we fall in love.

The Ring of the Dove

Or was she nothing of all these, But just an accident Contrived for me by Fate’s decrees With murderous intent? Many a shameful exposure has been occasioned by a letter, as I have remarked in verse. I wrote a letter to my love She sent me a reply thereto That stilled the agitation of My heart, then stirred it up anew. Sleeplessness too is a common affliction of lovers; the poets have described this condition frequently, relating how they watch the stars, and giving an account of the night’s interminable length.

Simply that; otherwise all the rest of his movements are unremarkable.