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Common practice for contract proofs requires that the ugra / fogra Media Wedge be included on each printed proof so that the proof can be. The AED version saves out as TIFF file and includes gaps for measuring with i1 in scan mode (UGRA FOGRA Media Wedge V a). The ED saves out as EPS. The «Ugra/Foga Media Wedge CMYK® V» is the standard to check and verify the color transformation from data to digital proofs or prints. The Media Wedge.

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All licensed Fogra partners provide tar – get values in their product evaluation programmes. Further Information and order at www.

If measuring devices do not comply with these specifications, for example they measure using UV cut filters, then the characterization data [e. The patch selection tone value grid reflects both a reasonable number of colour patches and an appropriate sampling of the multi-primary colour space.

UGRA/FOGRA Media Wedge CMYK V3.0

The four strips will be available as PDF vector data. The strip comes in two 3 row 5C and 6C and two 4 row 7C and 8C variants with 26 patches per row. Standard version and file format The standard package of the Media Wedge consists of three layout ver – sions supplied as a combination.

Information in Extra no.

Fogra Media Wedge CMYK V – Official Proof Validation Standard | basICColor GmbH

Order directly via our web shop: Since a minimal contrast is mediwnkeil to ensure for general use where inks and gradations are not really fixed a scan measurement might not always be possible. The new MediaWedge MultiColor is intended as the ideal control element for an abridged verification and qualification of the colour accuracy of any print product using 5, 6, 7 or 8 process colours — for digital and conventional printing processes.


When selecting meas – uring medienkei and proofing systems, users of the Media Wedge should make sure that they support the new Media Wedge. This assures that for each job to be assessed the used extra-colours will be assigned with the pertinent inks. Please use filters to search for equipment and consumables you medienkil interested in. Florian BetzlerTel. Control devices Our reliable and well-known products for process control in prepress and printing ensure high quality output.

The Ugra light indicator is used for the visual checking of the color temperature of illuminations for color assessments. In order to cover most multi-colour also known as extended colour gamut, ECG use cases the strip comes in four versions namely 5C, 6C, 7C and 8C.

This fully featured control block has primarily been created for the control of offset platemaking. That means the control element undergoes the same data path as any other document element. FOGRA39] provided by Fogra cannot be used as target values with – out prior recalibration and a proper aim value conversion. For this purpose, the Ugra light indicator is attached to the margin of a proof, where it signals whether the illumination used emits the standard color temperature of K.

A decisive step into a successful future: At present, this test forme is the only tool that allows a printer to achieve the most favourable ink-water balance in all printing units as a Fogra service.


The necessary target values should be obtained from the respective device manufacturer.

Here the wedge will be added to the 5C, 6C, 7C or 8C image artwork and outputted exactly as the pertinent image content. Site development by New Age Lab. The Altona Test Suite is a standard test tool used by more than two thousand print shops and media companies. The layout reflects the use of all typical handheld and chart-reader devices including the dual scanning devices.

The standard package of the Media Wedge consists of three layout ver – sions supplied as a combination. Fogra Price list and ordering form to send or fax This file does not exist anymore.

This makes 78 patches for the 5C and 6C version and patches for the 7C and 8C versions. And profit immediately by the benefits of the Fogra membership Visit also Fogra’s online shop: A test of the output systems alone is not enough to consistently avoid problem cases.

Media Wedge CMYK V3.0

The Fogra Media Wedge CMYK is recognised globally as the control medium for the digital contract proof and has been used worldwide in its different versions since The evaluation of Version 3.

The primary use medienekil is multi-colour proofing.

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