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EUROLITE NX silver + Timer controller No classic club and no big stage can do without it: the smoke-machine. It is not only its power-output. EUROLITE NB ICE Bodennebler. will be ordered for you. EUR ยท EUROLITE LED FE Hybrid Laserflower. 1 piece on stock. EUR EUROLITE DMX Stage Control, den Scheinwerfern EUROLITE PAR (Dimmer- Modus) und der. Nebelmaschine EUROLITE NX (Switch-Modus).

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System Twist Alle anzeigen. Um einen guten Effekt zu erzielen, sollte der Abstand zum Publikum mindestens 1,5 m betragen. Funktionsbeschreibung Beschreibung der Bedienelemente: Never use alcohol or solvents! In-Ear N-150 37 Results Alle anzeigen. DMX control The wires must not come into contact with each other, otherwise the devices will not work at all, or will not work properly.

Alutruss Results Alle anzeigen.

If fluid gets in contact with skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. When rigging, derigging or servicing the device staying in the area below the installation place, on bridges, under high working places and other endangered areas is forbidden.


Assesoires Results Alle anzeigen. We recommend a frequent cleaning of the device.

Eurolite LED GKF-150 DMX Kaleidoskopeffekt

Never remove the serial barcode from the device as this would make the guarantee void. When the fog machine is not in use for a longer period of time empty the entire smoke fluid from the machine before storing it. If the device is to be installed euurolite, the following safety instructions are binding: Dimmingpacks 30 Results Alle anzeigen. Furthermore, any other operation may lead to dangers like shortcircuit, burns, electric shock, etc. Litec Manfrotto Results Alle anzeigen.

Disconnect from mains before starting maintenance operation! Please contact us for consulting: Fullrange, Passiv Results Alle anzeigen. Please note, the starting address depends upon which controller is being used. Log in and write a review.

EUROLITE Timer-Controller LCD-1

rurolite Richten Sie den Dampf niemals auf sich selbst, Personen oder Tiere. Do not shake the device. Multimedia Technic Results Alle anzeigen. After use clean all remaining cleaner and rinse the tank thoroughly. Prepayment Cash on delivery Direct debit for regular customers. Special sensible or problematic packing items we generally ship via truck company, not with parcel service, even when it would be possible because of their weight or measurments.


Eurolihe Results Alle anzeigen. Should you need any spare parts, please use genuine parts.

Permanently no nx-510 available. Never aim the output nozzle directly at people or at open flames. If this device will be operated in any way different to the one described in this manual, the product may suffer damages and the guarantee becomes void. Remove the old fuse from the fuseholder. The Manual-mode is automaticall stopped after the duration you defined or by pressing eurolits Manualbutton again. Risk of electric shock, never open the housing!

Accessories Results Alle anzeigen. The preheat value can be assigned to all 12 channels in mode All or to each channel individually in mode Single.

NX silver + Timer controller – eurolite

Music Instruments Results Alle anzeigen. Spots 8 Results Alle anzeigen. Before filling the device disconnect from eurrolite. The rack should be provided with a cooling fan. If it is necessary call a doctor immediately!