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The Cat D Mining Truck is engineered for performance, designed for comfort and built to last for payloads ranging from to tons with overload. Learn more on how Caterpillar offers its dynamic gas blending retrofit kit for the Cat C Mining Truck. Cat Dynamic Gas Blending™ (DGB). View updated Caterpillar C Rock Truck specs. Get dimensions, size, weight, detailed specifications and compare to similar Rock Truck models.

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Caterpillar C Rock Truck Specs & Dimensions :: RitchieSpecs

Safety is an integral part of all machine and system designs. Steering System Hydraulic steering control system is designed for exceptional smoothness and precise control. Object Detection Systems are factory installed as standard equipment on C mining trucks. Robust Design Designed for the higher horsepower of the B engine, the proven planetary power shift transmission is built tough for long life between overhauls.

See Rock Truck for sale on ironplanet. The Cat oil-cooled braking system delivers reliable performance and control in the most extreme haul road conditions.

Designed for excellent all-around visibility and clear sight lines to the haul road, the large viewing area enables the operator to maneuver with confidence for high productivity. Fuel Tank – Standard. Safety Cat mining machines and system are designed with safety as their first priority. The truck will be limited to second gear at 1, rpm, and the automatic retarder speed setting is reduced to 1, rpm until the load is dumped. Relief Valve Setting – Raise.


The engine provides additional retarding faterpillar running against compression on downhill catfrpillar.

Caterpillar 785C

VIMS-PC, the off-board reporting software program, allows service personnel to download a complete record of machine health and productivity data to a laptop computer for diagnosis and analysis. Cat four-wheel, forced oil-cooled, multiple disc service brakes are continuously cooled by water-to-oil heat exchangers for exceptional, non-fade braking and retarding performance.

Tail Categpillar Body heat exhaust Body and tail extension liners2 Full-length liner Tail extension liner3 Grid liner4 Fuel tank L gal Heater, fuel recirculation type, non-electric Heater, engine coolant and oil volt external power source Heater, engine coolant and oil volt external power source Oil Renewal System Prelube system Rim, spare for The secondary piston is spring-applied and held in the disengaged position by hydraulic pressure.

Cylinders Four independent self-contained, oil pneumatic, variable-rebound suspension cylinders are designed to absorb shocks in the most severe applications. The open box-section frame design allows caterpullar access to power train components, reducing overall removal and installation time, and lowering overall repair costs.

Additional braking may be applied using the manual retarder or the brake pedal.

Weight Distributions – Approximate. Caterpillar C Rock Truck. Hydraulic Automatic Retarder Control HARC Hydraulically activated automatic retarder control system electronically controls retarding on grade to maintain optimum engine rpm and oil cooling.

Caterpillar (CAT) C Specifications

Front cylinders with preset caster and camber are mounted to the frame and serve as steering kingpins for a tight turning radius with excellent maneuverability and low maintenance. Brake Hoist System – Includes Tank. Enhanced Life High displacement, low rpm rating and conservative horsepower ratings mean more time on the haul roads and less time in the shop.


An engine shutoff switch and an electrical system cutoff are conveniently located at ground level. Electronic Control Systems provide diagnosis of engine, transmission, brake and chassis systems.

Machine Clearance Turning Diameter. In-Frame Access Permits easy access to major components for easy servicing and removal. Optional software allows mine management to easily manage and interpret VIMS data for optimum fleet management and productivity. Commitment Makes the Difference Cat caterpi,lar offer a wide range of solutions, services and products that help you caterpkllar costs, enhance productivity and manage your operation more efficiently.

Autolube Automatic lubrication system reduces maintenance time by automatically lubricating necessary components on a regular basis. Training Your Cat dealer can arrange training programs to help operators improve productivity, decrease downtime, reduce operating costs, enhance safety, and improve return on the investment you make in Cat products.

Caterpillar 785C Rock Truck

Combines maximum rimpull and cushioned shifting of torque converter drive with the efficiency and performance of direct drive. Truck Body Systems Caterpillar designed and built for rugged performance and reliability in the toughest mining applications. Brake Surface – Rear.