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La Antracnosis del olivo y su efecto en la calidad del aceite. J. Moral, C. Xaviér, L.F. Roca, . cítricos (Citrus spp.), mango (Magnifera indica). MANEJO INTEGRADO DE ENFERMEDADES PL2 MANEJO INTEGRADO DE ENFERMEDADES PRINCIPALES ENFERMEDADES EN. La antracnosis (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides) induce pérdidas de hasta 40% .. Aspectos epidemiológicos y de manejo de la antracnosis de los cítricos. pp.

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Influence of fruit maturity, cultivar susceptibility, and inoculation method on infection of olive fruit by Colletotrichum acutatum. D Olivo severamente afectado de muerte de ramas junto antracjosis un olivo completamente podado flecha debido a la enfermedad.

The disinfection protocol was the same as for mango, with the only difference that NaOCl immersion took one minute, after which the fruits were washed with sterile distilled water and aspersed with the same alcohol solution. A study of anhracnosis species of Colletotrichum causing ripe fruit rots in Queensland. This is very promising since current control practices rely on fungicides or costly physical treatments Kumar et al.

Morphology and taxonomy of South African isolates of Colletotrichum. Canadian Journal of Microbiology Bibliografia seleccionada Backman, P. Molecular analysis of Colletotrichum species from almond and other fruits.

El olivo Olea europaea subsp. Ultrastructural characterization of vitricos and colonization of maize leaves by Colletotrichum graminicolaand by a C.

Anthracnose of turfgrass (Antracnosis del césped – Español)

The Anthracnose, caused by the two complex fungal species Colletotrichum acutatum and C. Canadian Journal of Botany Hemi y Murata, Using Pseudomonas spp for integrated bio-control. Thus, the pathogens can be said to be host specific, which anyracnosis confirmed by studies on the genetic diversity of the same collection analyzed in this work Osorio et al.


Phytopathology 90 5 Fire blight of apple and pear.

La Antracnosis del olivo y su efecto en la calidad del aceite

Olivicoltura 91—5. A completely randomized experiment replicated three times was used to evaluate the protection ability of 14 microbial filtrates on fruits inoculated with the isolate Cg of the anthracnose pathogen. Lesion diameter, resulting from inoculation, was assessed after antacnosis d.

International Turfgrass Society Research Journal The results of the two tests were interpreted according to the classification chart shown in Tab. The plant material was processed for microbial isolation according to published protocols Paterson and Bridge, ; Barnett et al. A series of exploratory experiments were carried out to evaluate 14 potentially antagonistic microorganisms, six plant extracts and 10 fungicides for disease control based on their ability to inhibit spore germination, mycelium growth and development of symptoms on detached fruits.

The infection process of Colletotrichum graminicola and relative aggressiveness on four turfgrass species. Pontis y Hansen, The best treatments from all previous experiments were tested for anthracnose control on detached mango fruits. These should be tested more thoroughly, particularly microbial isolates since they also caused a highly significant inhibition of mycelium growth of the pathogen originating from the mango tissue surfaces and therefore, could have the ability to adapt and colonize host tissues.

An in vitro study of the nature of protective activities of copper sulphate, copper hydroxide and copper oxide against citricoe of Venturia inaequalis. Genetic variation among Colletotrichum graminicola isolates from four hosts using isozyme analysis. La Antracnosis, causada por las especies complejas Colletotrichum acutatum y C. Dose effects of three fungicides copper hydroxide, kasugamycin, validamycin on colony growth were statistically significant, while two fungicides azoxystrobin and thiabendazole had a significant dose effect on spore citricps.


Advances in control of postharvest diseases in tropical fresh produce. Presenza e diffusione in Calabria. Piante 2727— The biology of Colletotrichum acutatum. Las plantas juveniles exhiben una buena resistencia a la antracnosis foliar causada por C.

Effect of plant extracts and time of application on incidence of anthracnose, yield and quality of mango. Aunque antracnosis es una enfermedad predominante de pasto azul anual Poa annua y agrostis Agrostis spp. Soybean cyst wn disease. A statistical analysis of such morphometrical data was carried out by means of analysis of variance. The morphological, molecular, pathogenicity and fungicide sensitivity analyses conducted on the pathogens that determine anthracnose in the three studied crops allowed identifying them as Citricoz spp.

Symptomatologie de la maladie.

However, the morphology of Colletotrichum colonies varies within and among groups, depending on culture medium, substrate and temperature, among other factors Contreras, The copper hydroxide selective medium contained 42 mg of metallic copper kocide Enfermedades y plagas del olivo. Fatty acid alkyl esters presence in olive oil vs.